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electrical utility contractor

USNE, Inc. offers complete medium voltage service, apparatus repair and contractor support from a state of the art, modern facility in Westfield, Massachusetts.  

  • Factory Authorized Apparatus Repair Center (Eaton, Cooper, Park Detroit) 
  • MVPower factory certified contractor (Tyco/Raychem)  
  • Department of Defense approved contractor 
  • Approved public utility contractor with proven storm restoration support throughout the Northeast      

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High Voltage Contractor

High Voltage Contractor

  • Overhead Electrical Distribution
  • Emergency Restoration 
  • Site Lighting 
  • Utility Pole Installation 
  • Aerial Line Installation & Maintenance 
  • Aviation— Installation & Maintenance of Airport Lighting 
  • Pole Mounted Transformers and Equipment 
  • Service Relocation 
  • URD—Underground Electrical Distribution 
  • Medium and High Voltage Cable Installation 
  • Cable Termination and Splicing    

Apparatus Repair Center

Apparatus Repair Center

  • Transformer Field Service 
  • Substation Maintenance/Service 
  • FR3 Retrofills, Filtering 
  • Circuit Breaker Repair and Reconditioning 
  • Generator Maintenance/Service 
  • Welding/Fabrication    

Electrical Utility Constructor

sports lighting, substation electrical, electrical utility contractor

  • Installation & Maintenance 
  • Sports Lighting 
  • Substation Electrical 
  • Site Lighting    

Professional Testing Services

professional testing, infrared

  • Planned Electrical Testing and Preventative Maintenance 
  • Infrared Inspection 
  • Grounding System Testing
  • Equipment Acceptance Testing 
  • Cable Testing & Fault Location
  • Metering and Data Recording 
  • Transformer Testing & Repair    

Traffic Signals

traffic signal repair, airport lighting, pull boxes

  • Emergency Traffic Signal Repairs
  • Signal Poles and Equipment 
  • Pull Boxes
  • Controllers and Service Pedestals
  • Specialized Video Detection and Emergency Pre-Emption 
  • Loop Detector Systems  
  • Red Light Cameras 
  • Airport Lighting